Curaçao eGaming

All-inclusive packages begin at: 20 000/yr.

(The one-time fee for processing the pre-approval application – included)

  • includes registration of 2 domains.

  • includes cloud compliance and supervisory services.

  • no hardware required to be purchased or changes to any existing application infrastructure.

  • no deposits required on annual package option.

For your review we are sending you our general information regarding Curacao eGaming IP licensing and compliance supervisory services. Curaçao eGaming has been issuing its eGaming IP licensing and compliance supervisory services to qualified applicants since 1996. Our jurisdiction and services has maintained unprecedented global recognition and appreciation for our abilities to consistently adapt and deliver reliable eGaming licensing to the ever changing landscape of the eGaming industry.
Benefits of Curacao eGaming IP licensing
The Curacao eGaming IP license provides one license for all eGaming activity, there is no need to apply for various types of eGaming licenses as Curaçao offers only one eGaming license type, the Curacao eGaming IP license — referred to by industry as a ’Sub-license’, the correct term being ‘IP’ (Information Provider) — covers all games and services of skill, chance, sports betting and wagering related services.
No Restrictions
Curacao has no restrictions on the territories which its licensees intend to do business with, it is the responsibility of the  licensee to be familiar with the local laws and requirements for the territories which they intend to offer their services.
Temporary IP license Option
A 3 month temporary eGaming IP license may be issued within 24 ~ 48hrs to a qualifying EU company while the Curacao company is being established, a good solution for existing eGaming licensed operators who need to obtain our Curacao eGaming IP license on short notice. Request additional information on this option.
Curacao company eZone Tax Benefits
Curacao does not have a separate eGaming tax. Upon incorporation of a Curacao NEWCO the authorised Curacao corporate services provider can apply for an e-zone permit to be issued to the Curacao NEWCO which would entitle the Curacao NEWCO to conduct its business at 2% on NET company profits.
Company Setup, Management Services
A typical basic Curacao eGaming corporate structure consist of a Curacao company holding the primary eGaming IP license along with an EU holding company in the structure which is intended for engaging in and meeting the requirements of the EU based 3rd party suppliers which are EU based. A Curacao company can be incorporated on average within a few days and completely operational on average within a few weeks.
Curacao eGaming’s compliance services provider offers turnkey setup for both the Curacao and EU company formation, management and supervisory services along with providing access to reliable solutions such as PSP and Banking services as well as setup of all required 3rd party services including providing introductions to software and content providers.
NOTE: Please be aware 3rd party suppliers of services such as banks and payment service providers create and operate under their own business and compliance requirements which vary from supplier to supplier.
Global Remote Compliance and Supervisory Services
Curacao eGaming provides a complete spectrum of managed and unmanaged IT Infrastructure, co-location, leasing of equipment, private and public cloud, virtual and bare metal servers and custom private network solutions from our data centres and global private cloud proxy services located around the globe for not only jurisdiction Curacao but all leading eGaming jurisdiction.
  • Our global compliance and and supervisory services are considered the most advanced and progressive of any eGaming jurisdiction by clients operating in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Our services and data centres are strategically located around the world providing flexible turnkey compliance-ready solutions supporting you in meeting business, legal, technical, geographic and multi-jurisdictional challenges.
  • Our compliance and and supervisory services may be combined and/or layered over existing application services, leveraging your existing infrastructure and services.
Custom licensing and white-lable programs
  • specialised licensing and IP compliance services programs tailored to meet the needs of operators, providers of services, software providers, white-lable services and network operators.
  • especially designed packages for service providers with a large client portfolio that accommodates numerous brands, skins and partners with a high demand for global services and specialized technical requirements.
  • provide a ‘turnkey’ offering, assisting the provider of services in being an attractive, reliable source to do business with and allowing suppliers to concentrate on building their business effectively.
Whether you have to solve multi-jurisdictional compliance issues, meet geographic regulatory challenges or simply need to better manage your services, we work with you to create a custom framework for a ‘turnkey’ proposal, fitting your specific requirements.
eGaming IP Licensing and Compliance Supervisory Services Basic Fees.
Curacao eGaming IP Licensing law requires that the typical back office data, event history application services are available to the supervision of Curacao eGaming for inspection and review in the event of dispute, investigation and validation. We understand the challenges faced by eGaming operators and providers of services to meet multi-
jurisdictional compliance and geographic regulatory challenges, our IP licensing and Compliance supervisory services are global and Cloud based, no need to any changes to existing application infrastructure, no hardware required to be purchased, Curacao eGaming can leverage existing application infrastructure and services to meet our compliance and supervisory requirements.
Basic eGaming IP License and eZone Compliance Supervisory Services rates overview:
Curacao eGaming offers annual, monthly and custom combined all-inclusive IP licensing packages inclusive of the, the annual IP license fee, the compliance and supervisory services fees.

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