Bulgarian Company-1000€

Incorporate company in Bulgaria

I. Our incorporation package of service consists of:
— company registration in the company’s register;
— opening of a special accumulating bank account for the company’s capital;
— preparation of the company’s seal;
— we will use our money for the company’s capital;
— we provide unlimited nominal company’s office;
1000€All expenses for the company’s formation, including all state fees and lawyer’s fees.
250€Translation of the registration documents in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, and French for companies with up to two managers, including all official certification in Bulgaria
250€ — Notary certification and requiring an Apostille
50€ — DHL, FedEx
1500€-Bank Account
II. The procedure is the following:
— you have to send us scanned copy of the passport or ID card of the shareholders and the manager, along with the official home address of the shareholders and the manager;
— you have to choose the name of the company;
— you have to send us the above mentioned amount of 1000€;
In 48 hours we will send you all documents along with instructions where and how to sign and certify. The documents will be on English. The company will be registered in 48 hours after we receive all the documents properly signed.
III. We provide full set of accounting and fina cial services, namely:
— Bookkeeping;
— Payroll;
— Secretary’s service;
— Accounting;
— VAT accounting;
— International tax planning;
— Audits;
All our clients that have registered a company through our office will be charged with special discounted prices for the above mentioned accounting services.
1. Corporate tax — 10 % of the net profit per year;
2. Dividend tax 5% — only in case of real payment of dividends;
3. VAT — 20%. The EU internal deliveries and the export are free of VAT; (VAT from 50 000LEV (25 000 €)
4. 10% personal income tax. The Dividends are free of tax after they are shared between the shareholders and after the 5% dividend tax is paid.
The type of the company that we recommend is LLC /OOD, EOOD/. Its specifics are:
The shareholders could be one or more.
The only shareholder could be the sole director of the company.
There isn’t a requirement to have local Bulgarian shareholder or manager or secretary etc.;
No annual fees for keeping the registration of the company.
The shareholders are not responsible for the debts of the company.