Incorporation GmbH in AUSTRIA

Incorporation GmbH in AUSTRIA:

5500€* + VAT — Incorporation GmbH/Реєстрація GmbH
5500€ +VAT
* — Included in this service are the articles of association (English/German), the application for the commercial register,
the registration of the business with the trade register, a shareholder resolution for the appointment of the managing directors,
the specimen signatures forms and the costs of the notary public. The court fees will be charged separately.
The minimum share capital is 35000€, whereof half of it has to be paid in. In the context of the establishment of a GmbH.
The minimum share capital is reduced to 10000€ which has to be increased to 35000€ within ten years.
Director and shareholders:
An Ukrainian resident can be the managing director and the 100% shareholder of a GmbH. However, in certain cases,
the competent commercial court request a confirmation that the managing director of the company stays a certain time in Austria
and manages the business operations of the company in fact.