Polish Companies-2500€

Polish Ready-Made Companies:

1) BIES SP. Z O.O. 30.10.2023 — 2500€
2) EKIMA SP. Z O.O. 31.10.2023 — 2500€
3) DRIDER SP. Z O.O. 02.11.2023 — 2500€

Price includes: — complete changes of the shareholders of the company; — preparation of documents for the changes of the managing board of the company, as well as the agreement for the sale of shares; — full support during the signing of documents with electronic signatures; — submission of the entire package of documents to the register for amendments; — submission of mandatory tax returns and applications to the register of beneficiaries; — obtaining a certificate and non-conviction on the members of the board of the company (if necessary); — legal address with correspondence service for a year (extension 400 €/year + VAT ); — consultation on the chosen direction of activity;

3) We will need a scan of passports of all directors and buyers and 2 filled out surveys.
4) All formalities could be done in 1 working day
5) Extract from the Register + apostille — 300 €;

Articles with apostille — 300 €

If you will need sworn translation into English — 400 €